Join the next Apollo board!

Join the next Apollo board!


Become part of the next Apollo board!

You will:

  • Have a university-wide impact;
  • Manage different projects;
  • Improve your negotiation skills;
  • Learn to take leadership;
  • And build a great local and national network;
  • Have a lot of fun.

As the cultural umbrella organization of the university, Apollo represents and defends the interest of the cultural sector and its associations! Next to that, Apollo organizes a number of events like the Apollo Dance Show, a prom and a collaborative concert of the music associations.

With the academic year coming to a close, Apollo is looking for next year’s board. Will you join the other candidates and complete the board? Even if you only have a couple of hours left per week to spare or only want to work on a specific project, such as the housing project, you are already of great added value in the next board!

Make an impact on the university

Having an umbrella organization is not only beneficial for the associations. At Vrijhof Culture, we benefit daily form the knowledge, connections and skills from Apollo in our tasks. They help us make sure our facilities are up to par for the associations to use, defend the interest of the associations in e.g. scheduling conflicts and together we continue improving the cultural offer and promotion of the cultural activities. This could not be done without the help of Apollo.

Not only that, representation matters. Having a student board representing the cultural sector gives the university a place to turn to for questions and input regarding the interest and needs of its students. Only together we can continue to keep the cultural sector thriving and face the challenges coming our way.

If you are interested in doing a board year, got any more questions or want to know what projects Apollo is working on right now, come and join the Apollo Drink on Friday 24 June at 16.00 in the Apollo Room. We hope to see you there!