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For boards

On this page you may find many important documents. We hope they can help you out. Please let us know if you find any errors in the documents or when they are incomplete.

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  1. Financial documents
    1. Subsidy Fund Culture/ SFC
    2. Collaborations
    3. Fund alternative locations/ FAL
  2. Rules, Regulations and Policy
    1. Articles
    2. Internal Regulations
    3. Policy
  3. Other Documents
    1. Board booklet
    2. Year overview
    3. Internationalization
    4. Poster pillar regulations

Financial documents

Subsidy Fund Culture

This is the cultural fund managed by Apollo. The fund allows student organizations to organise a wide variation of cultural activities which would otherwise be to financially impossible for many student organisations.

The aim of this fund is allow for and stimulate cultural activities by and/or for students. This is normally accomplished by granting a financing guarantee, allowing events to be organized. In order to apply for this Fund one has to fill in one of the application forms at least six weeks in prior to the start of the activity.

For a more elaborate explanation of the requirements on both application and realisation of the fund, please refer to the SFC regulations:

Here one can find the application request form:

For the requirement of mentioning both Apollo and the Student Union in all promotional manifestations of the activity their respective logos in many formats can be found here:

Logos SU

Logos Apollo

At last for the financing guarantee to result into a payment one has to fill in the final application form within three months after the last day of the activity. This form should again be accompanied by a letter, a realization and the most important supporting documents (e.g. receipts, invoices). The relevant form is found here:


The collaborations fund is a fund that promotes joint activities of different associations. This can include but isn’t limited to: workshops where multiple associations can join, collaboration concerts. For details, please look into the regulations.

To actually request funds, please fill in the request form below and the payment request after the event, assuming the request was approved.

Fund Alternative Locations

The Fund Alternative Locations (FAL) is a fund that can be used to fund alternative locations when the regular rehearsal space is unavailable and the vrijhof cannot provide an alternative suitable location. You have to apply for the fund before the actual rehearsal takes place.

To actually request funds, please fill in the request form below and the payment request after the event, assuming the request was approved.

Rules, Regulations and Policy


These are the latest version of our articles of association. We only have these available in Dutch. When our articles are updated we will also try to make these available in English.

Internal Regulations

These are our internal regulations. The English version is only a translation of the Dutch ones and therefore the Dutch ones are leading given any conflict.


This is the Policy that the current board is executing. It was originally introduced in September 2020.

Other Documents

Board booklet

The board booklet provides a handy overview of all the things that most culture boards will come in contact with. It contains information about what Apollo, The SU and Culture & Events can do for you.

Year overview 2020-2021

This is the result of the Rehearsal times and programming meeting held in February 2020. It contains the rehearsal times as well as the programming plan of each association in the academic year of 2020-2021.


This is a document that gives suggestions on how to stimulate internationalisation within culture.

Poster pillar regulations

These are the regulations for the poster pillars that are spread out over the campus.