The UnBEATable Battle

The UnBEATable Battle

“Then, with a glance at the God of the flocks, he said, ‘I am ready.’ So Pan performed on his rustic pipes, and his barbarous strains entranced the ears of Midas, who chanced to be there when he played. When the piece was finished, Tmolus solemnly turned his head in Apollo’s direction, and so did his forest. Phoebus was crowned with a wreath of Parnássian bay on his golden hair, and he swept the ground with his mantle of Tyrian purple.”

If there’s one thing that working and studying at the University of Twente highlights, it is that we shine brighter when we are together. We’re strong as individuals but together we are UnBEATable! Together with the University of Twente Apollo organizes the UnBEATable Battle. An evening where multiple cultural acts will battle for a spot on the stage during UnBEATable, a festival that will take place on 12 November. The event is free to visit, but registration in advance is required via the ticket link below. Can’t visit us in the Agora? The event is also accessible online via the UT live platform!

WARNING a coronavirus entry pass is required to enter the event.

The sign-up for the UnBEATable battle can be found here.

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