[Cancelled] Pythian Games

[Cancelled] Pythian Games

“Amongst these forms was an unknown serpent, the monstrous Python, also brought forth by Earth at the time, though she cannot have wished for it. Sprawling over Parnassus, it horribly frightened the newborn peoples, until it was killed by the deadly shafts of Apollo, whose only targets before were the timid gazelles and the roe deer. The snake was transfixed by a thousand arrows (the quiver was almost emptied)  and out of its wounds there spewed black gushes of venom. In order that time should never destroy the fame of this exploit, Apollo established the sacred games, attended by huge crowds, the Pythian Games, called after the serpent he vanquished, Python.”

Metamorphoses, Book 1, Python

From Thursday the 7th of July until Sunday the 10th the Pythian Games will be held on the campus of the University of Twente. The Pythian Games are a cultural festival open for all students from the Netherlands and will be filled with many different competitions and workshops. From visual arts to theatre, dance, music, and more. Even the evenings are filled with all sorts of fun activities. For those who don’t live in or close to Enschede, it will be possible to sleep on campus during the entire weekend.

So are you interested in competing with students from all over the country and/or do you want to broaden your cultural interests by participating in many fun workshops? More information will follow soon on our website pythiangames.apollo.utwente.nl.

For any questions regarding any of the activities or the lustrum in general, you can take up contact with lustrum@apollo.utwente.nl.