Apollo Room

This calendar will show whenever there is a meeting and therefore cannot be used to chill :-(. If you would like to have a meeting in the room, you can! Just make a new appointment by making a regular meeting (for example in google calendar or outlook) and invite our calendar! (

Please do so a while in advanced, so that we can make sure the room is ready for a meeting. Meetings before our opening time (9.30) or after our closing time (17.00) may be removed if there is no one to open or close the room. Finally, if we feel that your reservation has nothing to do with culture, we may remove your reservation as well.


These are all upcoming events either from associations or from Culture and Events. You can add these to your own agenda by simply pressing the “+Googlecalendar button” at the bottom of the calendar! That way you will always stay up to date on events that are happening!