Leanne van der Leij

Hi, I am Leanne and I am the chair of Apollo this year. Last year my interest in music grew to dancing as well, so becoming board of Apollo was the perfect fit to do a full-time board for me. As chair I lead board meetings and GA’s and I make agendas for these meetings. As a full-time board member I attend most of the meetings. Mostly meetings with Vrijhof and SU, but also with associations within our outside Apollo. Moreover, I am responsible for the WebCie and PopSi committees of Apollo.

However, I thought this all wasn’t enough, so I am also doing a part-time board at 4 happy feet, and some committees within Newton and MSO. So all in all, I like to be active within every association I join!

Duru Sucakli

Hello, I am Duru and I am 20 years old. I am the secretary of Apollo this academic year and I will be working full time. In culture, I am mostly interested in dance but before coming to UT, I also was in a band and several theater productions. I started being active in Apollo by being the chair of Break-Even last year and I realized that I wanted to contribute more to the culture at UT and also help other cultural associations achieve their goals so an Apollo board year was I guess, un-avoidable 🙂

Now, as a secretary, I handle all communications within and outside of the cultural sector. I am also the board responsible for our new committee: the activity committee. So if you are reading this, we are looking for new people!

Joost Voskuil

Hi Everyone! I am Joost, the treasurer of Apollo this year. As the treasurer of Apollo, I keep an eye on the money that Apollo has and spends. I am also in charge of the different subsidies that Apollo has, including the Subsidy Fund Culture (SFC), which is a subsidy fund to help our associations to organize bigger events. 

Last year, I joined the theatre association NEST, which I enjoyed so much that I decided that I wanted to find out what else the cultural associations at the University have to offer. This year, next to NEST, I also joined Arabesque, 4 happy feet and Musilon. Additionally, I help out with the technique in the Vrijhof, lighting up the shows of many different associations.

Luka Pelgrum
Event Manager

Hello! I am Luka, the Event Manager and Commissioner of PR for Apollo this year. I have been dancing in Break-Even for almost 4 years and decided to become board there two years ago. During my board year there I discovered all of the culture that the associations and University had to offer. After that I decided to join more associations and be more active in Apollo. So since that year I joined Chassé, 4 happy feet, InSPE, Musilon and Bellettrie as well and did multiple committees in Apollo. This was so much fun that I decided that I wanted to become Apollo board. In this way I can help all of the associations and make culture more visible within the University!

In Apollo I am responsible for all the events, such as the Apollo Dance Show, the Gala, the events organised by associations and so much more. Besides that I also do the promotion along with the PromoCie and I am responsible for the RTPM!