Rian Holtrigter

Hi, I am Rian, chairwoman of Apollo. Ever since I was little I have had lots of cultural hobbies: dancing, playing the clarinet, visual arts. So when I came to Enschede to study I immediately joined a few associations, namely MSO and Arabesque. At Arabesque I also taught the beginners group for a few years and at MSO I became active by doing a board year. At the moment I am a member of Musilon and 4happyfeet. I would love to do so much more, but unfortunately there’s only so much time. Because of all these cultural hobbies I was really interested in doing a board year at Apollo. This year I hope to increase awareness for culture in a time where this doesn’t come naturally anymore. Additionally I aim to support all our cultural associations in reaching their own goals for this year.

Paul Boersen

I am Paul, Secretary of Apollo.
Two years ago I started Creative Technology, joining the do-group of NEST. Because I really liked the people there, I became a member of NEST and became a member of its board in my second year.
I am a member of a diverse group of cultural associations. I joined Apollo to help all cultural associations and learn valuable skills along the way.

Nick Schaap

I am Nick, the treasurer of Apollo.
In 2019 I came to Enschede to start with the Electrical Engineering study. I then also joined Fanaat and for a short while, I was often found in the Drakenkelder. Unfortunately, half a year into my study, at the start of 2020, due to a certain pandemic, I was unable to come to campus. As soon as things were possible again, I decided to be more active with culture and joined Apollo to support the cultural associations.