Our Board

We represent the cultural associations and foundations on the campus.

Our Services

There are a multitude of things that we do for our members, but down below you may find what our main big points are.


As Apollo we are maintaining the Subsidy Fund for Culture or SFC. Whenever a cultural event is organised on campus, it might be applicable to receive money from this fund. For more details, look up the regulations surrounding it on our website.


Many boards are board for the first time. Even though most of our members have an advisory board, we can also offer advice. Since we talk with a lot of different boards, we have the opportunity to compare situations with other boards and share how others have solved similar problems.


We represent all of our members and all of culture towards the university and Student Union. Whenever there are issues with other parties we try to help resolve these issues.

Latest News

Here we will inform you about all the things going on with Apollo and her members!