Apollo Room

Welcome to the Apollo Room!
At the Apollo Room, you can come by and hang out during our opening hours (9.30-17.00), or afterwards if somebody from the ChiCo is keeping it open. Here you can find tea, coffee and tasty treats. The Apollo Room is the heart of the cultural umbrella and where a lot of members of all cultural associations hang out! Do you need a break from studying or just want to have a bit of chill time? Drop by when we are open!

Couch Space & General Room

Cultural Associations can book the room outside of opening hours (9.30-17) for events linked to culture. Booking the room for an event is only possible by contacting the Apollo board via board@apollo.utwente.nl. A ChiCo member (for example from your association) has to be available to open and close the room after the event. Are you looking for a ChiCo member? You can mail to chico@apollo.utwente.nl. The room needs to be left in a clean state and all dishes used need to be put in the dishwasher.

Remember that Apollo keeps the right over the room and is allowed to cancel the reservation. However, this will always go in good harmony with the person who booked the room.

Meeting Space

All cultural associations are allowed to book the meeting space of the room to have meetings, which can host up to 8 people. A requirement is that the meeting must be related to culture. Be aware that this booking is only for the office part, and people will be able to hang out in the couch area; therefore, confidentiality is not guaranteed. You can book the meeting space in the Apollo room by creating a meeting in your own calendar (for example in google calendar or outlook) and invite our calendar. (apollo.utwente.nl_188b80j6muogggc5hholvohugpore6gb74rj0c9j6sq32c9i74@resource.calendar.google.com)

If confidentiality is important for the meeting, you can contact Apollo directly via board@apollo.utwente.nl to book the meeting space.

The meeting space can only be booked 2 weeks in advance, but do make sure to give us a bit of a notice, so that we can make sure the room is ready for a meeting. Meetings before our opening time (9.30) or after our closing time (17.00) should be discussed with the Apollo board first as someone is needed to open or close the room.

Remember that Apollo has the right over the meeting space, having the final say whether a meeting can take place in the room and is allowed to cancel the reservation. Additionally, Apollo meetings have priority over external meetings. However, this will always go in good harmony with the person who booked the room.