Borrow list

Over the years, we have collected quite a few items that are useful for cultural performances or other activities.
Are you (in) one of our associations and would like to borrow one (or more) of the items below for an activity? Send us an email at

Handycam streaming sets

Useful for recording or streaming your activities.

Electric piano set

For when you have piano skills but no piano.

Audio set

A portable speaker to add some music to your activities.
There is even a microphone so you can let your voice be heard.

Stage parts & dance floor

For when you have piano skills but no piano.

Paint supplies

Want to jazz up the apollo wall? You can borrow the paint and brushes you need from us. You don’t even need to reserve these; Just come by and you can use them.

Voice recorder

GMA’s can be difficult to take minutes of. Instead of struggling during the GMA, you can just record it and take the minutes later. (who doesn’t like procrastinating, right?)

Apollo banner & flag

Have an activity that is supported by SFC, or do you just want to show off our logo? you can borrow a banner or a flag with it from us.


Want to serve some warm beverages? We have several small thermoses and a large 20 litre thermos dispenser.

Walkie Talkies

These Walkie Talkies can be sued to communicate back-stage during your shows. There are 4 Walkie Talkies + ear pieces.

Tea Kettle

The kettle of Apollo can boil up to 1,7L of Water. It can be used for events or GMA’s.
We also have a big warm water dispenser with 4,5L capacity which can be used for shows.

Coffee Machine

This is the Coffee Machine that Apollo has. It can produce 1.5 liter of Coffee and uses filters and powdered coffee (not included when borrowing).


The associations can use our iZettles to sell tickets using cards at their shows. We have two iZettles you can make use of.

DJI Gizmo Gimbal

Want to take amazing action shots of your dance or a fun promotional video for your associations? Then contact us to use our own Gimbal!