At Apollo we have multiple committees that either help us in our day to day activities or with one of the larger events that we (co)-organise. On this page you can find an overview of the committees that we have.

If you are interested in helping us out as well, let us know and we will discuss the possibilities with you!

Advisory board (RvW)

Our Advisory consists of previous board members of Apollo or other knowledgeable people and is re-chosen by the candidate board every year. They help the board by providing asked and unsolicited advise.

Apollo Dance Show committee

The Apollo Dance Show organises a big collaboration show between the dance associations on campus, where everyone can show off their dance own style. It is a very diverse show and gathers quite a big crowd.


Whenever the batavierenrace is organised, there are always parties on campus. Usually Apollo is responsible for the afterparty in the Vrijhof. In some years the board did not have time to organise this themselves and therefore they asked the committee to do this.

Financial Auditing committee

As an association, we need our registers checked every couple of weeks-months to make sure the treasurer does is keeping an accurate and reliable bookkeeping. This committee makes sure that actually happens and presents their findings to the General Assembly where budgets or financial reports are discussed.

Gala Committee (GalaCie)

Since most cultural associations are too small to organise one for themselves, the GalaCie organises one bigger one for all of culture: the Apollo Gala.


The PopSi is in charge of all the bands that are on campus. They don’t have an association that brings them all together, but have the committee instead. The PopSi makes sure that broken material in the band studios are repaired and communicate other issues with Vrijhof-technique or the booking office for reservations. Depending on the constitution of the PopSi they are also in charge of making the band schedule.


The PromoCie helps out promoting the various events that we organise as well as the general promotion of Apollo and culture on campus. Their tasks heavily depend on the constitution of the board as some boards may have a dedicated person for promotion.