Rehearsal Times & Programming Plan (RTPM)


Every year an overview is being made of which association wants to rehearse and have performance at which times. Usually around September every association will receive an email with two forms: One to request the rehearsal times, and one when your performances will be. After receiving all requests, the Apollo board member(s) will work on making a planning that will suit most associations. Since there are usually a number of conflicting plans, some rehearsal times and/or performances will have to be moved around.

After a draft version has been prepared and discussed with C&E for feasibility, it will be up for discussion during the Rehearsal Times and Programming Meeting, which is traditionally held in the first week of the third quartile. During this meeting any final changes will be discussed and any final disputes talked out. After this meeting the plan for the next academic year is finished and will be uploaded below.

If for any reason you are deviating from the dates you submitted at the form, please make sure you have a good reason, since making any changes in such a tight schedule is a lot of work!

Latest overview

This is the result of the Rehearsal times and programming meeting held in February 2021. It contains the rehearsal times as well as the programming plan of each association in the academic year of 2021-2022. Since this meeting many things may have been changed. If something was significantly changed but you don’t know why, please ask Apollo or VC for an explanation.

To see the most current reservations for rooms, you can check the reservation calendar for theatres or other cultural rooms.