Pro Deo

Pro Deo is a group of students that does improvisation theatre. This is usually done in the form of theatre sport, in which two teams battle against each other by each improvising scenes which are graded by judges or the audience. They often ask for input from the audience or even embed visitors in their scenes.

If you are interested in practising improvisation theatre, you can join the rehearsals on Thursday evenings. There are lessons for beginners, as well as advanced players. Besides these lessons, there are also shows, workshops, demos, tournaments and lots of fun activities for the members, like a camp, barbecue, game night and drinks after the lessons.

Rehearsal times

Dutch, beginnersThursday19:15-20:45
Dutch, advancedThursday19:15-20:45
English, BeginnersThursday21:00-22:30
English, AdvancedThursday21:00-22:30
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Location: Amphitheater, Vrijhof

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