Fanaat is the games association of the University of Twente. You can always find people at Fanaat for a board game, a quick game of cards and many other kinds of entertainment, from complex war games that take days to a party game on a console. Not only does Fanaat offer a large and varied collection of board games, Fanaat also offers  various consoles, each with an extensive library of (mostly multiplayer) games. Magic the Gathering and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons are also played regularly at Fanaat.

Every first Monday of the month at 19:30 starts the Fanaat Magic the Gathering Seal, where you can join in for a game of Magic: the Gathering by buying some booster packs and building a deck out of them. Aside from that, there is casual EDH (Commander) every other Monday.

Becoming a member costs only 20 euro a year, but requires that you own a UnionCard. Of course, it is possible to join us a couple of times during game night to see what we offer. Non-students can visit our gameday Fanaat Open, held every couple of months. For more information and dates, please visit their website.

Opening times

Game nightTuesday 20:00-23:00
Game nightThursday20:00-23:00
last updated: xxxx

Location: Drakenkelder, Bastille

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