Breakdance, the impressive dance style from the ‘80s, is still gaining popularity nowadays. At the University and Saxion, this is shown in the growing breakdance association Break-Even. If you are curious about breakdancing, then Break-Even has the lessons for you to discover this exciting dance style! Terms like ‘toprock’, ‘footwork’ and ‘L-kick’ will become familiar and you will learn many impressive ‘moves’.

Since September 2016, next to breakdance, hip-hop lessons are given. To make sure everybody can participate, two courses are given. A beginner and an intermediate/advanced course. Of course, you are welcome to join both. So, do you want to learn some new moves, but is breakdance not your thing? Then come and join Hip-hop!

Rehearsal times

Breakdance, BeginnerMonday19:30-21:00
Breakdance, AdvancedMonday21:00-22:30
Hip-hop, Wednesday20:15-21:15
Open RehearsalFriday20:00-21:30
The timeslot of the differents levels of hip hop lessons rotate every week.
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Location: Minister de Savornin Lohmanlaan 58 & Audiozaal, Vrijhof

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