Apollo Winter Fair

This year we will be organizing another Winter Fair! Unlike you might be used to, all activities this year will be online, so you can participate in all the activities from the comfort of your own home! This year the Winter Fair will consist of four activities, some of them are even free to attend. All activities will be held via our discord server, which you can join via https://discord.gg/h5AGpXa.

This year we will get into action for the Red Cross. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been helping out a lot all over the country, from getting groceries for people in risk groups to transporting covid-19 patients to and from hospitals. The volunteers of the Red Cross also help out in hospitals and elderly homes in patientcare to try and relieve the healthcare workers as much as possible and have had a nationwide collection of protective materials. For their current and future help they are providing during the pandemic they need extra funding and we would like to help in this!

Therefore, for the prices for the Crochet workshop and the Bob Ross painting course, a 1 euro donation to the Red Cross is included. We will also provide the opportunity to donate more to the Red Cross during the Winter Fair if you want to. And to make it even better, we will be matching the donated money to be able to support the Red Cross even better.

This will be the program of the upcoming Winter Fair:

Crochet Workshop

On Tuesday 8 December from 20:00 onward, we will have a crochet workshop. For €3,00 you can get a crochet set from us, including a pattern, wool, other necessities and even a crochet needle. This way no additional purchases are required and even absolute beginners can join in the fun! During the evening we can all get together to work on the project and for the beginners we will go through the pattern together, explaining how everything works!

Movie Night

On Friday 11 December we will have a Movie Night. The event is completely free to attend, the only requirement is that you have your own Netflix account. That way we can all watch the movie together via the Netflix Party Extension. On the evening itself you can vote for the movie you want to see! The movie night will be held in the Apollo Discord Server, so make sure you are there in time to vote on your favourite movie! We will be starting at 20:00.

Game Night

On Monday 14 December we will be having a good old-fashioned game night. During this evening we will not only be playing Among Us, but there is also the opportunity to play for instance JackBox games, League of Legends, Pictionary or games via boardgamearena.nl, whatever you prefer! This event is also free to attend! You can in in our discord via https://discord.gg/h5AGpXa. We will start at 20:00.

Bob Ross Painting Course

Our final event on Thursday 17 December at 19:30 will be the Bob Ross painting course. Together we will let our inner painters shine and follow a Bob Ross tutorial. For €6,00 you can get everything you need from us! So have you always wanted to be a master painter, come join us this evening!

Due to a lot of interest, we are unfortunately are out of packages for the Bob Ross activity! If you would still like to join, you could get the needed materials yourself. If you take up contact via board@apollo.utwente.nl we will give you the required information.