Rian Holtrigter – HoA

Rian Holtrigter, member of MSO and 4 happy feet and teacher of Arabesque

I am Rian Holtrigter and I currently study Technical Medicine. I am a member of MSO, since I play the clarinet, and I am a teacher of Arabesque. Since this year I also joined 4 happy feet. I have always been quite active. I have done a board year at MSO and currently I am busy with the lustrum committee of Apollo.

What can you tell me about your cultural background?
When I was six year old I started with rhythmic gymnastics. I once saw a performance of rhythmic gymnastics when I was still doing jazz ballet for toddlers. I really loved seeing rhythmic gymnastics, but I was too young to join at that moment. At the age of six I was allowed to join the class. From the age of seven I was selected to dance at a high level and I became Dutch champion for rhythmic gymnastics. Unfortunately, I had to quit, but I started looking for a sport that I could at the same level. I then joined the youth dance education Friesland in Leeuwarden. There I learned a lot about different dance styles, like ballet, jazz and modern dancing.
When I was 10 years old I also started to play the clarinet. First I played the piano, because my brother was learning it. I however thought it was a bit boring, so I changed to clarinet. From that moment I always played in small orchestras at school and at the music school. Now, I am playing in MSO.

Why did you join a cultural association?
I really liked my hobbies at high school, so when I came to the university I searched for associations where I could continue dancing and playing the clarinet. I then joined MSO and Arabesque. In the first open class of Arabesque the teacher asked if anyone would like to help her out with the lessons. I was a new member of Arabesque and it was a bit awkward, but it is super fun to do. I don’t regret that choice. At the start of this study year, I also joined 4 happy feet, because I was looking for a dance challenge. I never danced with a partner before, so this was my chance to do so.

What is your personal experience with dance and music?
For me dance is the only moment I can relax and focus on one thing; dancing. I think music is about playing together and having fun with others while working on the same piece of music.

What moment would you never forget about a cultural event?
There are a lot of moments that were quite special. Every four years I had a big performance with dance. I always had a lot of fun doing these performances. If I really have to choose one performance…

I once did a choreography with about 50 people about the liberation of the second world war. During this show the contrast between happiness and grief was really important. Everyone was so involved and had empathy that once the curtains closed everyone cried. The feeling of being together and delivering a show together was really big at that moment. I will never forget that feeling.

What would you tell first years about Apollo/culture?
There is a lot of diversity. I think the atmosphere of culture is a lot different than the atmosphere of sports. I would tell first years to just try it out. Within culture there are a lot of different associations, so just try things out that you think fits the best.

What do you think of culture at the University of Twente?
I think there are a lot of different cultural associations. I really like that! I do miss an association that focusses on visual arts. Foton partly focusses on this subject, but I think it is strange that there is no separate associations for visual arts. I also miss the opportunity for level difference. Most associations have an average level that you can join. I would love to see more beginner levels, so the level becomes easier, but also more advanced levels. The talents of students are now considered all the same.

Do you still dream of something to achieve with culture?
I would like to try out visual arts when there is a separate association. Or maybe I will join Foton! But I do need to make time for that.

Do you still dream of something else to achieve?
I would also love to join Musilon. I don’t have time for that now and the rehearsals are at the same time as the rehearsals of MSO. When I came to the university I only looked at orchestras, but I didn’t consider what other associations would be fun to join.
And if time really didn’t matter then I also want to do ballet!