Day: April 5, 2021

Pascalle Verlaan – HoA

Pascalle Verlaan, Event manager of the Apollo board and member of Musilon, InSpe, 4 happy feet and Belletrie

I am Pascalle Verlaan and I am currently the event manager of Apollo. Last year I was the chairwoman, but this year I am doing the board part time next to my study of Technical Medicine. Next to the Apollo board I am a member of Musilon, InSpe, 4 happy feet and Belletrie. I am also a member of Exaltio. I am on committees of, of course, Apollo and also of Musilon. This year I joined the Fiddler of the Roof production of InSpe and there I also help two committees. When I am not busy with Apollo, associations or my study then I like to work as an events caregiver of the Red Cross.

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