Open Stage

Show your talents during the Apollo Open Stage 2023!

On Friday the 17th of February, 20:00, the Apollo open stage will take place!

During this evening, students can show their talents on the stage in the Agora, in the Vrijhof. All types of acts are welcome. If you have a great idea that is not one of the options, please let the committee know as well, and we can see what is possible.

Sign-ups are open from Monday 21st of November until Monday the 19th of December. The committee will need to have all the additional information for your act before the 1st of January. Additional information can be music files, special requests, changes in your act, etc.

In order to promote the open stage and decorate the Agora, every act has to send in a poster (in pdf format) before the 1st of January. This could be a graphic design, a picture or a visual representation of anything related to your act. Make sure the name of your act is on it.

Sign up via this form:
Contact the committee: