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Apollo Lustrum VI – Theme Presentation

This year Apollo will celebrate its 30th anniversary! The upcoming academic year will be full of activities and celebrations. To kick things off, we will unveil the theme and program of this lustrum on Friday 11 June at 16:00 via an online stream, which can be found via!

After the presentation, you are all invited to join us for a drink in the Apollo discord server, which can be joined via

Committee Market

Do you want to become (even more) active within cultural associations? Look no further. We are looking for new committee members! To provide you with all information you might need, Apollo organizes a committee market on Thursday 3rd of June. Are you interested in joining a committee from September onwards and support the Apollo board? Come and take a look at all committees we offer. For a sneak peek you can already visit our Instagram stories/highlights.

Vrijhof Crazy 88

Welcome to the Vrijhof Crazy 88 Challenge, in collaboration with Apollo. From 27 April until 5 May, you have the chance to score points by completing as many challenges as you can out of 88 provided challenges. 55 of them will become available on 27 April and a bonus of 33 challenges on 5 May to complete the last day!

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Apollo Coffee (or tea) hour

Are done with your lectures, have questions for us or just want to talk? The Apollo board will be in the Discord to chill for a bit, have a chat and forget your uni stress!

We will be there on Tuesdays from 15:00-16:00 and on Thursdays from 11:00-12:00. If you are not part of our Discord server yet, you can join via

Martijn Heutinck – HoA

Martijn Heutinck, chairman of Apollo and member of 4 happy feet

I am Martijn Heutinck and I am the chairman of Apollo. This year I am not studying, but I came to Enschede to study Advanced Mathematics. Last year I also did ECB (Educatie en Communicatie in de Bètawetenschappen), so I am a teacher now as well. Next to Apollo, I am part of 4 happy feet and Bellettrie. I have been an active member of the study association Abacus. I was the chairman of the symposium committee and I have been the treasurer of the study trip for two years.

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Apollo Advent Calendar

Today starts the most magical month of the year. We are already looking forward for Christmas! To sweeten your waiting time we will provide you with our very own Apollo advent calendar. Every day we will show you some awesome activities, either close to home or from cultures all over the world. Keep an eye on our Instagram every day until the 24th!

Apollo Winter Fair

This year we will be organizing another Winter Fair! Unlike you might be used to, all activities this year will be online, so you can participate in all the activities from the comfort of your own home! This year the Winter Fair will consist of four activities, some of them are even free to attend. All activities will be held via our discord server, which you can join via

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Apollo face masks

Hi guys,

Since masks are becoming mandatory everywhere, we thought it would be cool to have our very own Apollo face masks! They are washable, adjustable to your liking and will cost between €3,00 and €5,00, depending on how much interest there will be in the masks. More information about the face masks and ordering your very own can be done via the following link:

Apollo Dies

9 September is the birthday of Apollo! Of course, we need to celebrate this, and we will do so by throwing an online celebratory drink on 18 September from 16:00 until 19:00(-ish). For this, we have a beautiful new discord server we will use. You can join this via

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New board wanted!

We are looking for a new board!

Have you always wanted to know what it takes to run the cultural umbrella of the university? We not only keep in contact with the associations but also organise multiple awesome events throughout the year. If you want to know exactly what keeps us busy every day, join the interest lunch on the 23rd of April, 13:00. Send a message to and we’ll tell you how you can join our meeting.