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Jasmijn Westerhof – HoA

Jasmijn Westerhof, chairwoman of S.D.V. Chassé

My name is Jasmijn and I study Applied Physics at Saxion. I have been a member of S.D.V. Chassé for two years now, and have been the Chairwoman of the association for almost a year. I have also been very active at study association Arago, where I still visit activities regularly. Next to this, I have done a board year at Green Team Twente, where I was a full-time member of the electronics team.

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Marit Bot – HoA

Marit Bot, board member of InSpe and member of Musilon

I am Marit and I am studying Technical Medicine. I am in my master right now. I am a member of InSpe and Musilon since the beginning of my study. I am now the secretary of the board of InSpe for almost two years. Before these board years I was on the board of Musilon. There I was the president.

Photo is made by Laurens Westenberg

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Robin Waterval – HoA

Robin Waterval, secretary of the Apollo board and member of Musilon.

I’m Robin and I am studying technical computer science, where I will hopefully get my bachelor’s degree upcoming summer. I am a member of Musilon! I sing (High) Bass there, which is a lot of fun. I am also a member of study association Inter-Actief, but I’m not very active there.

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Kiona Bijker – HoA

Kiona Bijker, treasurer of Apollo and member of Fanaat and Bellettrie

I am Kiona and I study technical computer science. I first studied industrial design for a year, but I stopped because I was creative in a different way then I thought. When I started studying in Enschede I joined the cultural association Fanaat (board games). I did a board year for Fanaat and now I am the treasurer of the Apollo board. I am also a member of Bellettrie. Bellettrie is located in the same room as Fanaat and being a member of Bellettrie is free. So when I became a member of Fanaat I instantly became a member of Bellettrie as well.

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Sjoerd Yska – HoA

Sjoerd Yska, board member of Foton Arts

I am Sjoerd Yska and I am now in my second year of the master Industrial Design. Currently I am busy with graduating. I have been a board member of Foton Arts for about two years now. First I was a secretary, but now I am the chairman.

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Pascalle Verlaan – HoA

Pascalle Verlaan, Event manager of the Apollo board and member of Musilon, InSpe, 4 happy feet and Belletrie

I am Pascalle Verlaan and I am currently the event manager of Apollo. Last year I was the chairwoman, but this year I am doing the board part time next to my study of Technical Medicine. Next to the Apollo board I am a member of Musilon, InSpe, 4 happy feet and Belletrie. I am also a member of Exaltio. I am on committees of, of course, Apollo and also of Musilon. This year I joined the Fiddler of the Roof production of InSpe and there I also help two committees. When I am not busy with Apollo, associations or my study then I like to work as an events caregiver of the Red Cross.

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Kasper de Kruiff – HoA

Kasper de Kruiff, member of Pro Deo and InSPE

I am Kasper de Kruiff and I study interaction technology. I am at the university since 2013 and in that time I have always been a member of Pro Deo. I have been quite active as a board member. I did board years for Pro Deo, InSPE and the study association Proto. Next to all the associations and graduating I like to work with electronica and 3D-printing.

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Imre van Veldhoven – HoA

Imre van Veldhoven, founder of Primo Ballerino

I am Imre van Veldhoven. Normally you would see a student here, but I already graduated. I am a teacher of Advanced Physics. I have always been quite active within Arago. I have been a board member and I am still in one committee. About two years ago I set up the association Primo Ballerino together with two roommates.

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Emma Donkers – HoA

Emma Donkers, member of 4 Happy Feet, MSO and Bellettrie

I am Emma Donkers and currently, I am busy with teaching math at high school for my minor. I study Advanced Mathematics. Last year I was the treasurer of Apollo. Now I am still member of three culture associations, namely 4 Happy Feet, MSO and Bellettrie. Next to these culture associations, I am also a member of BuitenWesten. As I have been the treasurer of Apollo I am now active in a lot of KasCo’s (Acquisition committee). I also have been quite active within my study association.

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Rian Holtrigter – HoA

Rian Holtrigter, member of MSO and 4 happy feet and teacher of Arabesque

I am Rian Holtrigter and I currently study Technical Medicine. I am a member of MSO, since I play the clarinet, and I am a teacher of Arabesque. Since this year I also joined 4 happy feet. I have always been quite active. I have done a board year at MSO and currently I am busy with the lustrum committee of Apollo.

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