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Emma Donkers – HoA

Emma Donkers, member of 4 Happy Feet, MSO and Bellettrie

I am Emma Donkers and currently, I am busy with teaching math at high school for my minor. I study Advanced Mathematics. Last year I was the treasurer of Apollo. Now I am still member of three culture associations, namely 4 Happy Feet, MSO and Bellettrie. Next to these culture associations, I am also a member of BuitenWesten. As I have been the treasurer of Apollo I am now active in a lot of KasCo’s (Acquisition committee). I also have been quite active within my study association.

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Rian Holtrigter – HoA

Rian Holtrigter, member of MSO and 4 happy feet and teacher of Arabesque

I am Rian Holtrigter and I currently study Technical Medicine. I am a member of MSO, since I play the clarinet, and I am a teacher of Arabesque. Since this year I also joined 4 happy feet. I have always been quite active. I have done a board year at MSO and currently I am busy with the lustrum committee of Apollo.

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Martijn Heutinck – HoA

Martijn Heutinck, chairman of Apollo and member of 4 happy feet

I am Martijn Heutinck and I am the chairman of Apollo. This year I am not studying, but I came to Enschede to study Advanced Mathematics. Last year I also did ECB (Educatie en Communicatie in de Bètawetenschappen), so I am a teacher now as well. Next to Apollo I am part of 4HappyFeet and Belletrie. I have been an active member of the study association Abacus. I was the chairman of the symposium committee and I have been the treasurer of the study trip for two years.

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