Christmas Dinner

Zeus and Hermes are disguised as humans when they are looking for a place to stay. They keep getting sent away until they arrive at Philemon and Baucis’ house. Even though Philemon and Baucis are very poor, they welcome the strangers with open arms. They even offer to serve them the one goose they still have. At this moment the Gods reveal themselves. They take the couple to a hill afterwards and flood the entire village except for Philemon and Baucis’ house and ask if they have any wishes they might be able to fulfill. Philemon and Baucis had two great wishes for their lives. The first one was to worshop the two Gods for the rest of their lives and their house turned into a tempel. The second one was to never have to live without the other. That’s why one day they both turned into a linden, one on either side of the temple.

Philemon and Baucis, Book 8

Christmas is a time of getting together and celebrating the holidays. This year, we wanted to celebrate together with you during a Christmas dinner! On Wednesday 15 December Apollo is inviting you to a lovely Christmas dinner. The time and location will be announced soon. This event requires you to buy tickets in advance. The ticketsale will open soon as well. We hope to see you there.

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