Laser gaming

When the Giants attack Olympus, Apollo supports his father. With his bow, he shoots arrow after arrow towards the Giants. Seeing as the Giants have their immortality these arrows only achieved something once Heracles shot his in poison drenched arrows. Then, Apollo shoots an arrow in Ephialtes’ left eye and finishes Heracles the job by shooting one in the right eye.

The Giants, Book 1

The Vrijhof will transform into an epic arena and you are challenged to defeat the Titans during the fight. Will you take up the challenge? If you dare, come to join us on Saturday 22 January in a heroic battle between the Giants and the Olympians in the Theatre halls of the Vrijhof.

You are requested to sign up on our website for the laser game activity. The tickets are €2,50 and are sold in the Apollo webshop!

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